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Shree Ambaji Arts College


Shree Ambaji Arts College  :

Objectives & Goals  :
Continuing excellence in education
The college will maintain and enhance its reputation and record for providing high quality teaching and learning of international standards at undergraduate level and extrapolate to P.G. level.
Creating educational opportunities for all
The college will provide access to its educational programmes to students from a tribal belt of backgrounds from under-represented groups in society.
Promoting life-long learning
The college will enhance its position as a provider of postgraduate research training and continuing professional development opportunities.
Participating and contributing to the community
The college will serve community by contributing to cultural and community life, promoting and conducting intellectual discourse and making the output from its institute available for transfer to the community.
Supporting professional training activity
The college will maintain and enhance its support to a broad range of professional training and activity.
The college will continually strive to be a well managed and governed institution, making efficient and effective use of its funding to meet the needs of the students, staff and others stakeholders.

Objectives :
To promote knowledge which empowers weaker section of society.
To promote the maxim of harmony brotherhood unity
To inculcate knowledge by promoting educational activity
To generate moral values in society.
To mobilize a local cultural actitivity.
To create a harmonious community.
To develop the youth community.
Major Considerations :

Integrated development of youth through quality education in a caring environment
Equal Opportunity to all irrespective to the cast and creed
Supporting professional training
Inculcating moral values in students
Introduction of ICT assistance
Promotion of the maxim of educationally empowered and Harmony-Brotherhood-Unity, are the major considerations addressed to by the goals and objectives of the college

Objective and Goals Response :
The objective behind the establishment of Shree Ambaji Arts College by Shree Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust, Ambaji was to provide higher education in humanities, social science , commerce and Computer Skills subjects at graduation level to the student of Ambaji and neighboring village girls and boys ( tribal belt of North Gujarat to be general ). Some Students from the families of rural areas as well. Thus, we believe that the academic programmes are in line with the goal / objective of the college. The boys and girls from rural areas, from the disadvantaged communities economically weaker section, all these have every opportunities to access to this college and to strengthen and flourish their potentials through education which changes individuals and in return the world in which they live in..
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