Shree Ambaji Arts College

Shree Ambaji Arts College


Shree Ambaji College Central Library :



  1.   I Card for every student is compulsory.

  2.   Books can be borrowed/returned during the time displayed on the library notice 3  Silence shall be strictly enforced at all times and mobile phones must be in switch off mode or else they would be confiscated.

  3.   Sign Library Students Register before entering College Central Library.

  4.   Students should use library primarily for reading and issuing books.

  5.   Students should make use of Journals and Magazines.

  6.   Students are not allowed to go in the stack room of the library.

  7.   Students should fill in Demand Slip for getting the book issued and should collect on the same day.

  8.   Each student is provided with two non-transferable library tickets.

  9.   Books shall be issued against Readers Ticket issued by the Librarian.

  10.   Academic Journals, Magazines and Reference Books cannot be issued.(Please read only within the Library premise)

  11.   Roaming in the Library is prohibited.

  12.   Students should not misuse Electricity and Library Furniture. (Please switch off fans, Lights when not in use).

  13.   Books issued against Readers Ticket can be kept with reader for 14 days.

  14.   From the beginning of each semester students are required to file the applications to avail themselves of books and each students will be issued 2 tickets.

  15.   Books that are found damaged shall be charged extra fine while returning.

  16.   Smoking is prohibited along with Pan, Masala and Gutka.

  Library view :  

Shree Ambaji Arts College Library View

  Library collection :  

Shree Ambaji Arts College Books


The college has library which is fully ventilated and is equipped with books , text books , reference books and has book bank facility for the benefit of students .It is well ventilated and airy with sufficient natural lights. The library has books and journals available for students. The collection is has about 12,000 reference books , text books and it subscribes about 60 periodicals and magazines .

Shree Ambaji Arts College Collection of Books


The librarian can be contacted at :

Shri Bipin V. Patel

Shree College Arts College,
Danta Highway,
Ambaji - 385 110.
Taluka : Danta
District : Banaskantha,
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